Life Goals Approach to Education

Life Goals Approach to Education

Integrating extensive research with examples of real life experiences, The Life Goals Approach to Education clarifies moral, social, and emotional development. Learn strategies for supporting student creativity, motivation, compassion, and connections.

Discovering the Real Me

Discovering the Real Me

Many families enjoy making time each week to complete the Discovering the Real Me lessons because it helps them make a habit of communicating on deeper issues of life while giving each child in the family their special time.

Marriage Blessing

Marriage Blessing

The Marriage Blessing has become a worldwide tradition where couples dedicate their marriage to a greater purpose. In response to the breakdown of traditional marriage in our world, the Marriage Blessing offers a path to build a world of stronger marriages and healthier families.

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Basic Goals of Life


There are three basic goals of life and education that systems of education need to be aware of and address if they are to educate responsibly.

A Balanced Education


The human mind aspires to truth, beauty, goodness, virtue, and love. Finding or realizing these things gives us a deep sense of fulfillment as well as happiness and joy.


​About Love


Lasting love is an art to be learned, requiring a range of virtues, insights, and skills.


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About Us

Our Vision Statement

We seek to nourish not just the intellect but the heart and equip people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.


The search for purpose is connected to three life goals: to achieve individual maturity, to cultivate harmonious and loving relationships, and to make a valuable contribution to society.


Achieving these life goals provides great personal satisfaction as it enhances others’ lives as well.

The Meaning of
Our Logo

The four leaves represent openness, the sprouting of abundance, optimism, and balance. The heart represents both the development of heart within each person and the HEART theme of Uplifting Education:.


The diamond represents the preciousness of each child. Diamonds are the symbol of innocence and constancy. A polished diamond is a shining gem

Our Approach
  •  Help and Support for the Family


  •  Expansion of Mind and Heart


  •  Actualization of True Love


  •  Realization of the Culture of Heart


  •  Training of Heart and Character

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