Uplifting Education full High School program's philosophy revolves around offering youth an education that is centered on their passions and interests. In general, our model is very practical and relevant to the skills and career aspirations of our students. We believe in a 20/1 student/advisor ratio (max), learning outside of the common academic structure – through internships and service learning- and the cultivation of strong, long-lasting relationships among peers and their advisors. We recommend that the same cohort of youth remain together throughout High School with the same online Advisory.

1st Quarter – August 19th –October 18th

2nd Quarter – October 21st – January 10th 

3rd Quarter – January 13th - March 20th

4rd Quarter – March 30th - June 5th 

This is an online enrollment and each student is part of an Advisory that is assigned certain assignments with due dates. This enrollment includes online lessons, collaborations, discussions, and web conferencing. The main focus is on real world learning through internships, projects, service learning, interest based explorations, and reading books from the library (or ones you purchase on your own.) Each student has their unique learning plan. Students have access to unlimited video streaming through "The Great Courses Plus".  Other curriculum that the student may purchase for specific subjects will usually be accepted in the learning plan.

Enrollment in Uplifting Education High School

only $395 a month

and a  $125 yearly registration fee.


Note: There is currently a waiting list. Please contact us for more information or if you'd like to be placed on the waiting list.

The tuition needs to be paid by the 15th of the month from August to May to continue in the program. You may stop anytime. To re-entroll, you will need to pay the registration fee again and can not start again until the following August or January.


Please be sure and review all the links under the "High School" tab before registering. Applications for the new school year must be submitted between June 15th and August 15th. Applications received after August 15th and before January 15th will have the January (3rd Quarter) starting date.