Uplifting Education facilitates education with positive reinforcement inspired by possibilities while encouraging personal motivation.


Based on the power of trust, students are encouraged to build their motivation from inside their hearts and souls. If students learn to motivate themselves, discipline their minds, work hard, create and implement their study plans, and seek help when needed, they will be well-equipped not only for the challenges in college but for success in future endeavors.


The word, uplifting, means to rise up to a higher social, intellectual, or moral level or condition and raise the spiritual or emotional heights. (American Heritage Dictionary)


We create an uplifting educational experience that caters to the student's abilities and interests while respecting the rights of the parents and supporting them as the primary educators of their children. We know that all students can develop their natural talents and become valuable contributors to society.

Raymond and Kathleen Sabo

Raymond and Kathleen co-founded Uplifting Education. They homeschooled their four children who have all completed at least a bachelors degree. They currently have eight grandchildren. Kathleen has a Bachelor's degree in human development and has researched curriculum and homeschooling methods for the last 25+ years.

Our Team

Kai and Koreana Schmittat


Koreana and Kai assist with the web design and the business side of Uplifting Education. Koreana has a Bachelor's degree in  ​Kinesiology. Kai has a degree from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley and works at Google. Koreana cares for her two children while being a part-time Nanny and a freelance designer. Kai and Koreana were both homeschooled until college.

Ryan and Tiffany Labrooy


Ryan and Tiffany both graduated from the University of South Carolina. Ryan is a CPA. Tiffany has a Master degree in language and literacy and teaches middle school language arts classes. She homeschooled for quite a few of her school years. They have four children.

Poppy Richie

Poppy is one of the primary authors of the Discovering the Real Me curriculum, levels 1 - 4. Many of the activities in the teachers' manuals are from her experience as a character education teacher for over 20 years. Poppy says, "The most inspiring experience I’ve had in my many years as an educator was writing curriculum for the Discovering the Real Me student textbooks and teacher manuals. This material has been translated into a few languages, and has been introduced to teachers and administrators in various countries. I traveled to Micronesia, Zambia, and St. Lucia to train teachers to use the materials in their classrooms. I believe that writing curriculum that is useful for all cultures and training teachers to use it are meaningful contributions I can and would like to make."

Our Mission

We exist to serve and assist families by offering enriching resources that support a safe and nurturing environment in which students learn, mature, relate with others well, and become responsible people.