Marriage Enrichment


The Marriage Blessing has become a worldwide tradition where couples dedicate their marriage to a greater purpose. In response to the breakdown of traditional marriage in our world, the Marriage Blessing offers a path to build a world of stronger marriages and healthier families. The Marriage Blessing takes traditional marriage to a higher level of purpose.



Why Have Thousands Already Chosen To Bless Theirs?

Discover The Blessing Movement




In just 15 seconds, learn how the Blessing can transform your life, your marriage, and your community.

The Holy Marriage Blessing is an opportunity for couples to renew or begin their marriage relationship through a new commitment to live purposefully for the world and God.

Take the free 40-day Blessed Life Challenge! Whether you're preparing for marriage, looking for enrichment, or feeling your marriage needs healing, this challenge will be worth taking for your marriage. 

Whether you're newly married or enjoying your senior years together, this course offers a chance to spend focused, intentional time working on practical skills to deepen your relationship.

The Holy Marriage Blessing

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