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About Love

Lasting love is an art to be learned, requiring a range of virtues, insights, and skills.

Love is an emotional attraction between a subject partner and an object partner. Guided by ethical norms, give and take between subject and object partners leads to unity, fulfillment, and development.

At the core of human beings is heart. Deeper than emotion, intellect, or will, heart is the impulse to love and to be united in love with the object of love. Heart inspires two types of desires: (1) to seek value for our own happiness, and (2) to manifest value for the joy of others. Motivated by true love, people cultivate beauty, truth, and goodness for the joy of others, and they delight in perceiving beauty, truth, and goodness in their beloved.

Love has a creative power. Love cultivates value or enhances the latent potential for value within the beloved. For instance, the loving spouses will invest effort to make their spouses better looking, better educated, more altruistic, or more socially involved. The place to nurture and educate such a heart is in the fam