AP Macroeconomics

All High School Individual Core Courses are worth a two Semester Credit and end on August 15th of each year regardless of the starting date.

All High School Courses use Compass Learning:

High School: (Available Fall 2015)
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    This College Board-approved, AP,college-level course is a thorough introduction to economics and an in-depth study of macroeconomics. Students explore the basics of economics, including a study of graphical analysis and the concepts of demand, supply, equilibrium, and elasticity. Students explore measurements associated with the field of macroeconomics, such as GDP and aggregate output and income. Students explore the business cycle, economic fluctuations, unemployment, and inflation. Students examine the aggregate expenditures model. Students explore the role of money in the economy, including analysis of the Fed, saving, and investment. Students examine the aggregate demand/aggregate supply models, including an analysis of the Phillips Curve. Students explore monetary and fiscal policy and the elements of productivity and growth. Students examine macroeconomics with an international focus, including a study of currency exchange rates, transitioning economies, and alternative systems.
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