Complete Academic Spring Enrollment

A full package of curriculum and co-curriculum for you to choose from plus support for the students and parent(s).

The Complete Academic Enrollment includes the following:
Compass Learning Odyssey for courses in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studiies, and some electives

Homeschool Enrichment Package that includes Mindful Education, Physical Fitness, Fine Arts, Career Exploration, a variety of book clubs for parental support, and more.
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    Spring Enrollment : January 16th - June 15th

    When you purchase a personalized, customized student enrollment, Uplifting Education sets up your account with external partnerships. The enrollment fee is based on services purchased not actual usage of the services. This website provides the links for samples and/or trial registrations so please utilize these links to try out the programs before purchasing the enrollment. A refund for the amount you paid minus a $50 processing fee is available only for cancellations before your programs are set up.
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