All High School Individual Core Courses are worth a two Semester Credit and end on August 15th of each year regardless of the starting date.

All High School Courses use Compass Learning.

High School: (Available Fall 2015)
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    Pre-calculus completes the formal study of the functions begun in Algebra I and Algebra II. Students focus on modeling, problem solving, data analysis, trigonometric and circular functions and their inverses, polar coordinates, complex numbers, conics, and quadratic relations. Discrete topics include the Proof by Induction and the Binomial Theorem along with sequences and series. The instructional design is based on state standards and research stemming from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel’s Final Report. This course includes scaffolding in the form of animation, feedback, hints, and a glossary. Embedded critical mistakes and common misconceptions guidance lead students to understand the reasoning behind correct and incorrect responses. There is also an emphasis on repetition and practice. Projects can be completed offline and help students move into higher-level thinking based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.
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