World Geography

All High School Individual Core Courses are worth a two Semester Credit and end on August 15th of each year regardless of the starting date.

All High School Courses use Compass Learning.

High School: (Available Fall 2015)
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    Students study people, places, and environments with local, regional, national, and international perspectives. Students will understand the influence of geography on the present and past. The course includes study of the physical processes that shape patterns in the physical environment; the characteristics and interrelationships of climates, major land forms, and ecosystems; the political, economic, and social processes that shape regions; types of settlement; the distribution and dispersion of world population; relationships between people, places, and environments; and the idea of region. Students will analyze how location affects economic activities in different economic systems throughout the world. Students will identify the processes that influence political divisions and analyze how different points of view affect priorities in public policy. Students will analyze the effects of technology and human modifications on the physical environment.
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