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- A Strength Based Social Emotional Learning Roadmap to Success! -

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Free for Parents, Teachers,
and Youth Leaders

SEL & Strength-Based
(9 - 12th Grade)
Educator Training & Group Collaboration

Training Playlists

The goal of education has three main fields of training: the individual aspect, the social aspect, and the vocational aspect.
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A Virtuous Education cultivates a culture of heart. The principles of love guide us as we develop our innate potential.
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We will explore and give examples of each of the five pillars of positive psychology (PERMA) and how it applies to education.
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Here we discuss different areas of intelligence plus  the role of teachers and parents. Creative and productive learning and life goals are reviewed as well.
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We review the details of the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate including the SEL Framework, Yearly Progression, Award, Checklists, & how to get started.
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